Starting to update again :)

It has been quite a while since this site has been touched, especially since I (Peter) have been either abroad in Japan, or for the past 2 years, doing my Bachelor of Education in Ottawa. However, having graduated and finished in Ottawa, I am currently back home and looking forward to getting back to pottery. That also means I can help my father manage his online presence (as non-existent as it normally is), and update content here. I'm getting back to work, trying to create some new pieces and change the feel of my work a bit. So I look forward to writing more, updating more and being more open to sharing what my father and I are up to.

Here are some photo's of my father's work from the latest firing we did at the beginning of May. The firing was incredible, very consistent and easy, and the finished pieces all had beautiful colours and a very vibrant finish.

Also for anyone in the Hamilton area this weekend, my father will have his work, along with over 100 other talented potters, at the Hamilton Potter's Guild Spring Sale, which is lovely Dundas. It runs from today to Sunday, so drop by and see some beautiful pottery from all around the Hamilton area :) Check out the website for more information

Thanks for your time,