Diane Nasr-O'Young's Work

So it's been 2 weeks since I've been gone, and I recently just received my laptop, which means I'll be able to do blogposts and updates again :)

One of the things I was really looking forward to was seeing our dear friend Diane Nasr-O'Young's work on display at the Pearson International Airport. When I picked up Ayano this summer, I saw her work being advertised, but the display was in the International Departures Terminal and you had to be flying out to see it. Well, as fate would conspire, I was lucky to book my flight while the exhibition was still under way, and it was wonderful seeing Diane's work right before take off :)

I could try to describe her pieces, but they really speak for themselves. It's very rare to see someone who boldly displays their creativity in such a delicate, highly skilled way. One of the most powerful things about Diane's work is that they are always refreshing, dynamic and completely her own. There's never any compromise, what she creates is always a child of her own vision and artistic brilliance and carries its own whimsy and unique place in the world. Okay, so I am describing them quite a bit and starting to ramble. You can probably tell how much I love Diane and her work :)

And so, please enjoy the photo's, they're taken through the glass cases and not in the best lighting, but they give a decent idea of the wonderful work she creates. Diane and Kayo have always been two of my biggest inspirations,