Un Super Size Me

In the land of milk and snow cold

   I love my coffee and tea hot

 in moderation

not super size burst your bladder

extra large double double trouble.



   Just one good cup will do

    in moderation



        by - Joseph Panacci


Every Morning

Every morning I see you,

but I don't know you.

Among others waiting to be noticed,

the kettle boils.


I see you, I need you,

the comfort, the joy, the ritual.

Holding you in my hand,

makes you mine.


I see you, I know you,

your strength, your warmth, your soul.

Every morning,

my favourite time with you.

~by Joseph Panacci

This mug is just a mug

Something a lot of people may not know is that my father spends a great deal of time reading and writing poetry. I've been telling him to share some online, so here is the first of many to come :)


This mug is just a mug

It is not a fashion statement or the latest trend
Or a political point of view from left or right
It is not a religious experience into the afterlife
Nor does it contain any philosophical insight

This mug is just a mug

It is not laced with gold or silver
Or made by a famous potter
It does not hold any age old wisdom
It is fragile if dropped, it will not last forever

This mug is just a mug

While never the same, it is one of many
Lovingly crafted on the potters wheel
It is meant to be enjoyed and used everyday
While you ponder life's unsolved mysteries.


by Joseph Panacci