A little healing and enjoying the end of summer

As some of you may know, I underwent a surgical operation at the beginning of the month to remove a tumor in my neck. Luckily it turned out to be benign, and my healing has been coming along nicely. A week and a half of doing absolutely nothing can work wonders :) Today was the first day back in the studio and actually threw some bowls, just in the nick of time since our fall studio tour is right around the corner! (September 27 and 28!) 

post op

starting to heal

and with the stitches out

I was also visited by some old friends, Josh, Martin and his girlfriend Emily, hailing all the way from Australia! I don't know how impressed she was by the slow, small town feel of Simcoe, but we did have some great food, they tried "spinning some clay" and we even took the time to have a nice long walk. I think it was just what I needed to get me over that last hump, and I feel ready for work again. Here are some pics from our walk :)

Beautiful colours

A little chilly, but I love that near autumn weather

Followed this little stream next to a sheep field for quite some time

Some new friends :)

Confirmation that Martin is taller than almost every other mammal

Starting a burr war

Josh taking some shots and firing back

Casualty of war