My Travels

Sharing my Experiences through Pottery

by Peter

Decorating is perhaps the most difficult aspect of pottery for me. I often have a crisis trying to decide how a piece should be painted and glazed. These pieces are my answer to that. They each represent a unique location that I have travelled to and are based upon the original photo I took. They tell a story and hold memories that I cherish. In this way, my work isn't simply about painting a pretty picture, but rather it is about sharing an experience that I have had, and that hopefully resonates with you. If any of them intrigue you or pique your interest, please feel free to ask me about them, I would love to share what was so special about that place or that moment. 

Temple at Fushimi Inari, Kyoto, Japan

This picture is of one of the temples at the entrance to the famous Fushimi Inari in Kyoto. Best known for it's thousands of gates lining the mountain trail and the endless amounts of shrines, I also loved how gorgeous this building was and how nicely it contrasted with the beautiful fall sky.

Fushimi Inari Fox Statue (Kitsune)

The fox is seen as a kind of messenger of the gods and statues of foxes can be seen all over the temples and mountainside. In it's mouth the fox is carrying a key for the rice granaries, a central and dominant aspect of all life in Japan. Even more interesting (if you're into this kind of thing) is that through my course on global architecture, I've learnt that temple architecture in most of Asia, especially in Japan, is based on the original rice granaries, because rice was seen as a deity and the granary a sacred place. These foxes are also said to love inarizushi, a kind of fried tofu, often filled with rice.

Up on Poppy Hill, Yokohama, Tokyo, Japan

These flags are placed on the hill overlooking the harbor at Yokohama. They are from the studio Ghibli film, Up on Poppy Hill, which depicts the story of a young girl who has lost her father, a ships captain, during the Korean war. Each morning, while trying to lead the normal life of a young girl in 1960's Japan, while also helping her family tremendously, she raises these signal flags so that passing ships can see the message, "I pray for safe voyages". It's a wonderful movie and I encourage everyone to see it, and this location and the flags has its own special meaning to me.