17, 18, 19 Shot Glasses


17, 18, 19 Shot Glasses


Handmade, wheel thrown small shot glasses by Peter Panacci. Reduction fired in a wood kiln to cone 10. Set of 3.

17. Height: 5.5 cm, Width (at top): 6 cm. Holds approx 3 oz of liquid.
18. Height: 6.5 cm, Width (at top): 6.2 cm. Holds approx 3.5 oz of liquid.
19. Height: 6 cm, Width (at top): 5.8 cm. Holds approx 3 oz of liquid.

Material: Porcelain clay, with copper red, wood ash and oxide glazes on the exterior, and a clear celadon glazed interior.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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All pieces are entirely unique, made by hand and fired in our wood burning kiln. Due to the nature of wood burning kilns, each piece may have spots of ash or darkened areas, where the pot has been 'kissed' by fire. Slight crazing and imperfections are also natural. Despite our best efforts, no two pieces are alike, and we hope it is that very element of chance and happy accident that will help you enjoy our work. Food surfaces are glazed with appropriately glossy glazes, and all pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe.