2 sanity mugs in copper red, reduction wood fired with oxide decorations.

This mug is a reminder that even the best laid plans don’t always work out, therefore, take a break and enjoy a large cup of coffee (or tea). But if you make lousy coffee, now you really have a problem to solve.
— Joseph Panacci

Sanity Mugs have been a staple of my father's for as long as I can remember. The way I remember it, after making countless straight and normal mugs, my father was exhausted and frustrated. Lashing out at the clay, he casually (and with a little sadistic glee), slashed the sides of the mugs he was making, and instantly loved the imperfect, warped results. No two are the same, and they don't have to be, they're loose, free and a lot more enjoyable to use. The sanity mug for him, is a reminder to have fun, enjoy what you do, and not to take yourself too seriously. Trying to make a "perfect" pot often gets in the way of making something wonderful.

Sanity Mugs are usually $28 for the large size, and can be found in a variety of colours, deep copper reds, lighter greens and sometimes even darker blues and purple. If you'd like any, please contact us or drop into the studio~

Sanity mugs being dried slowly after attaching the handles. If they dry to quickly, the handles will crack and fall off.