Some much needed updates~

Sorry for the long hiatus, living in another country makes it hard to keep in touch and update things. Now that I'm back, briefly albeit, here are some quick updates and a gentle reminder that we are still here, hard at work :)

Work straight out of the latest wood firing

My fathers casserole, done in his classic brushwork style.

Getting back on the wheel after 9 months off, little rusty!

Two of Ayano's sculptures

Perhaps most importantly, is that we will be proudly participating in the 2015 Norfolk Studio Tour. My father will have his work on display, and we invite everyone to come out for the weekend, see what's new in our studio, and also discover some of the other amazing, talented artists in the Norfolk area. You can find all the information on the website,

Hope to see you soon, and I promise to update this more frequently now that I'm back in Canada :)



Elephant Surgery

These elephants, among several others, were the victim of my dads clumsiness, and have suffered tremendously. So I'm trying to do some damage control and reattach limbs, trunks and even heads. Some of them will make it through, others, like the one with only 3 legs, will have to soldier on as is. ~Peter